About Us

Our name says it all . . . Build-A-Blazer.   Embroidered Logo Blazers for Groups.

Well maybe not all.  We also sell Vests and Sweaters and coordinating Pants, Shirts, Blouses and Neckwear, too.

We are the premier supplier of Embroidered Blazers, Vests and Sweaters to groups of all sizes and types throughout the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.  We help you create the identity or brand your group needs.  With our large selection of colors and sizes we can fit everyone in your group

Because we only sell Blazers, Vests, Pants, Sweaters and Coordinating Shirts and Neckwear to Groups we know what you need in order to create a successful image apparel or group apparel program for your organization or club.  We have been in the career apparel business selling groups since 1932 and we have the experience to know what you need and to make sure you get the garments that project the image or identity your group needs and wants.

     ·   We only sell blazers that will be available for your future replacements or for new members who join your group.

     ·   We offer Men’s Blazers and Ladies Blazers in Coordinating Styles. (We also have matching Boys Blazers and Girls Blazers in many of our styles)

     ·   We offer 3 different fabrics and stock more than 12 colors to choose from.

     ·   Our garments are available in sizes to fit everyone in your group.  Men’s Blazers in sizes 36 to 60 and Ladies Blazers in sizes 2 to 30.

     ·   We know how to assure that you order the right sizes to fit everyone in your group.   Checkout our section called “How to Fit Your Group”.

             Ordering is Simple. 

                   1.     CHOOSE Fabric

                   2.     CHOOSE Color

                   3.     CHOOSE Sizes and Quantities

                   4.     ADD Logo (upload your logo or use our “Custom Logo Design” Tool)



Some of the groups that buy from Build-A-Blazer.com are:



Greek Organizations

Civic Groups




Corporate Accounts



Musical Groups

Real Estate Groups

Insurance Agency Groups

Transportation Companies

Colleges and Schools


Funeral Homes

Security Companies

Golf Clubs

Government Agencies




Tennis Clubs

Yacht Clubs

Boating Clubs

Sailing Clubs