Custom Embroidered Group Apparel


At Build-A-Blazer our business is selling blazers to groups.  We also sell sweaters, vests and shirt's, too. Whether your group has men, women, boys or girls we have the garments to fit every size. And we can offer you the largest selection of colors to match your groups color scheme. 

When all of the members of your group are wearing the same style and color and then you add your embroidered logo you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Who wears matching blazers, sweaters, vests, shirts and polos  . . .

Greek Organizations who want everyon in their chapter or nationally to look the same and create a strong brother or sister spirit.  We can embroider your national logo and add your local chapter name, too.

Choirs or Orchestras who perform on stage or anywhere in front of an audience and want to create a professional musical appearance.

Corporate Apparel for this years trade show when you want to make sure every employee representing the company is professionally dressed and stands out on the floor of that giant trade show.

Colleges, Universities and Private Schools use blazers, vests and sweaters to promote their school and build camaraderie among their students or to honor students for exceptional behavior.  

Church Ushers honor their fellow practictioners and the lord by dressing in an appropriate manner for church. Your appearance shows leadership and responsibility to your congregation and your community.

Thearters and Stadiums dress there ticket office employees, ushers and security staff in a clearly identifable uniform, so their patrons know who to go to for whatever they need.

Sports Teams at every level wear blazers when they travel on the road.  High School teams, College teams, Professional teams all find that when their players where professional image apparel their players level of behavior in front of the public raises them up a notch.

Local or National Clubs and Civic Groups know the importance of being a member and how apparel with their logo can help create the spirit and professionalism their group want to project amongst themselves and to the public.

Security Companies have been wearing uniforms for years.  They know how a professionally dressed officer can project a feeling of authority and respect from the public they serve.

Hotels and Casinos wear uniforms in every department of their property. Blazers, Sweaters and Vests are great for front desk uniforms, concierge uniforms or for management uniforms.  


There are so many types of groups that wear uniforms, image apparel, blazers, sweaters, vests and shirts, the opportunities for your group are endless.

Shop our website and use our "Logo Designer" to create a unique logo for your group or if you already have a logo simply upload it and view it on one of our garments.  Have fun building a garment for your group.