Group Stores

Build-A-Blazer gives your group the opportunity to have a "GROUP STORE" where your group can shop for the custom embroidered blazers, sweaters or vests that have been designed specifically for your group or organization.

Your group will have it's own dedicated website with only your items, the way you want it, it your colors and with your groups prices.

Here is an example of how it works.

One of our knowledgeable sales staff will work with your headquarters, corporate office or organization to design the garment that fits your groups image.  

First we will pick lthe fabric, then the color, then the embroidery and finally we will establish a price based on the size of your group. After that is complete, we create a dedicated website just for the members of your group.  The website can be password protected if you choose. 

We would like to help you develop a way for your members, whether local or national to be able to order exactly the same garment no matter where they are.

Call us at 863-547-4500 and ask for our sales department.


"The Perfect Solution"

A Group Store is a perfect for any group that has multiple locations or has a large number of members who purchase indivdidually.